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The Best French Drain Installation In Arvada, CO

Transform your landscape with our French drain installation in Arvada, CO.

french drain installed by crush excavation

In Arvada, CO, a French drain is key to keeping your property safe from water damage and your home’s structure solid. Crush Excavation is the best pick for the job, backed by over ten years of experience.

Led by a certified landscape architect, our team guarantees top-notch work and warranty, making us your reliable partner for French drain installations.

french drained installed by crush excavation

Certified NOWRA Installer

Licensed Septic Professional

Enjoy a Worry-Free, Dry Home with Our Expert French Drain Solutions

Opting for Crush Excavation for your French drain installation in Arvada, CO, means a dry, stress-free home is guaranteed. With our ten years of experience, insured services, and a workmanship warranty, you can rest easy.

Expect an excellent result: a flawlessly installed drain system that manages water intrusion, keeps your home’s structure strong, and boosts your property’s value.

Partner with your local Arvada contractor that offers top-of-the-line services:

Benefits of French Drain Installation in Arvada, CO

Many don’t realize the impact of water damage until they face it themselves. Luckily, with our French drain installation service in Arvada, CO, you can protect your property. Here are the main advantages:
Go with Crush Excavation for your French drain installation in Arvada, CO, and discover these perks for your home. Our skilled and licensed crew is all set to help safeguard and improve your biggest investment. Give us a ring at (720) 507-4076 to book a consultation today.

See Your Success in Our Clients' Words

Hear firsthand from our esteemed clients about how partnering with Crush Excavation, the premier excavating contractor in Aurora, CO, propelled their projects to success. Experience the benefits of our services through their testimonies.


Cindy VanDerhoof


I could not be happier with the work done in my home! The initial estimate arrived quickly after our first meeting and discussion of the several projects I was hoping to have done.

Charles was easy to coordinate open times in our schedules and he was always punctual.

He kept me updated as the work progressed and frequently asked my opinions as options became available. I highly recommend his company!


Caroline Seligmann


My experience with Charles was GREAT!! I didn’t have to wonder if he was going to show up as he always communicated with me before I even had a chance to text or call him. 

He did exceptional work and was very efficient with his time and in turn did not gouge me on the price. His pricing was very reasonable and he did just what he said he was going to do. I would definitely use Charles again for any project I need completed. 

And it doesn’t matter what the project is, Charles is up to the task and is very efficient with his time. Call Charles for your next project, you won’t be disappointed!


Ready to move forward? Contact us at (720) 507-4076. Our team is ready to address your questions and clarify any doubts about our services. Alternatively, feel free to send us a message with your project’s specifics. This allows us to provide you with a customized quote that meets your exact requirements.

French Drain Installation Costs In Arvada, Colorado​

When calculating the cost of installing a French drain, it’s important to consider the various factors that influence the final price.

These elements are key in figuring out the overall expenses of this vital investment for the health of your property.

Building Material Average Price
Drainage Pipes $5 per linear foot
Gravel/Aggregate $60 per cubic yard
Filter Fabric $20 per roll
Backfill Material $40 per cubic yard
Pipe Material Average Price per Foot
PVC $7
Corrugated Plastic $4
Specialty Materials $9
Extra Features Average Additional Cost
Sump Pump $800
Monitoring System $300
Decorative Covering $150 per linear foot

Factors Influencing The Costs Of French Drain Installations In Arvada, CO ​

Why You Need a Professional Contractor for French Drain Installation in Arvada, CO

Thinking about a DIY French drain for your Arvada home? It might be tempting, but hiring a professional offers key benefits that really make a difference.

Getting a pro to take care of your French drain installation in Arvada, CO, is a smart move that pays off over time. Reach out at (720) 507-4076 to set up a consultation and see the Crush Excavation difference.

Some of our french drain installations in Arvada, CO

1 year workmanship warranty

Certified and insured

Licensed septic professional

A Straightforward 3-Step French Drain Installation Process

Embark on a seamless journey with us. Here’s a snapshot of our three-step process for superior excavation services in Aurora, CO.



We collaborate directly with you, getting to know your needs to craft a personalized and effective drainage solution.



Our skilled team quickly carries out the installation, focusing on high-quality work and exactness.



See your landscape change and relish a dry, stress-free outdoor space.

FAQs About French Drain Installation In Arvada, CO

Avoid installing a French drain near areas with deep roots or dense vegetation to prevent clogging. It’s important to steer clear of places close to large trees or heavy plant life. Additionally, ensure the drain doesn’t direct water towards neighboring properties or cause waterlogging elsewhere. 

The system should lead water away from your home to an appropriate outlet, such as a ditch, dry well, or the street.

It’s better to line your French drain with geotextile fabric instead of plastic. This fabric is designed to let water through while keeping soil and debris out of the drain. Using plastic isn’t recommended because it stops water from being absorbed, which goes against the purpose of a French drain. The main aim is to ensure water drains efficiently without being blocked.

The depth of a French drain should be tailored to its intended purpose. For addressing subsurface water and improving soggy lawns, a depth of 18-24 inches is usually sufficient. If the objective is to prevent water from seeping into your basement, the trench may need to be much deeper, possibly down to the foundation level of your house. 

It’s always best to consult with a professional to determine the most effective depth based on your specific situation.

While a French drain can technically be a DIY project, it’s generally not recommended due to the complexity of the task. Proper installation demands a thorough understanding of your yard’s layout, identifying the optimal location for the drain, and designing it to suit your particular needs. 

Mistakes in installation can lead to ineffective drainage or even damage to your property. For these reasons, enlisting the expertise of a professional team, known for their extensive experience and commitment to quality, is advisable.

Why choose us for French drain installation in Arvada, CO?

Our status as Arvada, CO’s leading contractor for French drain installations comes from our blend of vast experience, stellar customer service, and a dedication to excellence. Our clients pick us for:

Charles Rush

Benefit from our expert service, quick completion, and the assurance of our workmanship warranty. Eager to safeguard your property’s future? Dial (720) 507-4076 or click the button below to reach out to us.

(takes 1-2 min)


Sheila Wadsworth


I contacted Charles before the holidays; his schedule was booked and said he would contact me after the first of the year. He kept his word. He’s dependable, prompt, professional, and the job was well done.


Dorie Vickrey


I can’t say enough about the friendly, knowledgable service, the craftmanship, and quality of the work done. I had new floors and baseboard installed in my bathrooms. They look great. Charles replaced the toilets and installed a new door in one bathroom. I’d hire this company again.

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