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Irrigation Systems

Keep Your Landscape Healthy With A Professional Irrigation System in Bennett, Watkins, Aurora, Strasburg, And More Of CO

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Underground irrigation system

Running Water Anywhere On Your Property

The Colorado climate can be very unpredictable, with periods of drought that last for several months. During these times, it’s important to ensure your landscape gets enough hydration without wasting water.

Installing an irrigation system helps minimize wasted water by only delivering what each plant needs.

Whether you need a tree irrigation line, a water retention line, or a combination of planting and irrigation, we’re here to help.

Choosing Your Irrigation System

When choosing your irrigation system, consider what plants you’d like to have and the composition of your soil. 

Above-ground sprinklers are the least expensive system, and any repairs can be done on the spot. In-ground sprinklers rely on underground pipes and can be automated based on your lifestyle and your landscape’s needs. They’re best for drought-prone regions like Colorado and tend to use less water than above-ground systems.

Lastly, drip or “trickle” irrigation systems are the most water-efficient for arid zones because they deliver water slowly to a precise location.

Irrigation System FAQ

The price for a complete irrigation system depends on the type of system you want. Linear feet, drip zones, and number of exits all affect the cost.

Generally, installing an above-ground irrigation system costs around $2k per acre, drip irrigation costs $2,5k per acre, and an in-ground irrigation system can go as high as $6-$10k per acre.

Automated solutions add around $500 to that cost. We’ll be able to provide an exact quote once we learn more about your landscape’s specific needs.

Yes, we also perform irrigation system repair and maintenance. The most common repairs include winterization, springtime repairs, broken pipe replacement, leak control, and more.

An irrigation system absolutely adds value to your home! Not only does it add convenience and ease of use, but it also contributes to the overall aesthetic of your property. 

In addition, an automated irrigation system helps you conserve water – something that is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. By reducing the amount of water used daily, you can help save money, save energy, and protect local resources all while adding value to your home.

Investing in an irrigation system can be expensive, so it is essential to hire professionals to ensure that the installation process is done correctly.  

Once you’ve chosen the irrigation type, we’ll locate the water source and mark the locations for digging the trenches. Next, we’ll connect the main water supply line with a valve box that will control the flow of water to each zone. 

After placing the pipes in the trenches and connecting them to the valve box, we’ll install the sprinklers and roll out and place the irrigation tubing. If you’re opting for an automated timer, we’ll install it and connect it to an electrical outlet and set the desired programming schedule for your specific landscape. We’ll then perform a test run to check adequate function and coverage. 

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A Fast And Transparent Irrigation System Process

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Forget watering your plants with a hose or bucket and enjoy the freedom an irrigation system offers you.


Sean Quinlan


So amazing. Replaced my valve and it was fast. I’ll be asking their help with a mechanical sprinkler timer soon. Cause the one I have regardless of programming goes off at times it shouldn’t.

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Working With Crush Excavation Guarantees:

Rest assured your irrigation system is built to last and enjoy a 1-year warranty on your installation. If anything comes up and is included in the warranty and contract, I’ll fix it immediately.

Avoiding other utility lines is critical when installing or repairing an irrigation system. With careful and precise handling, Crush Excavation will make sure every inch excavated is perfect. 

Every landscape has specific water needs. I make sure to create an irrigation plan tailored to the unique features of your landscape while taking in consideration your personal lifestyle.

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