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Enjoy A Lush Landscape While Dropping The Water Bill in Bennett, Watkins, Aurora, Strasburg, And More Of CO

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Ornamental grass for xeriscape landscape in sunny Colorado

Beauty And Water-Efficiency For Your Home Landscape

In Colorado, xeriscaping is a heaven-sent opportunity to enjoy a beautiful yard without the high water requirements of a traditional landscape.

By relying on native plants and efficient irrigation techniques, xeriscaping can help reduce water usage by up to 50%.

With the use of rocks and boulders, decorative stones, and other features, a xeriscaped yard can look just as good as any traditional garden. Its low-maintenance plants will allow you to spend less time caring for the landscape and more time with your loved ones.

Features Of A xeriscape Landscape

The type of plants you choose to grow determines if your landscape is traditional or xeriscape. The absence of lawn grass, which requires lots of water, is one of the critical features of xeriscaping.

Increasing in popularity, xeriscaping is often wrongly assumed to be a dull and barren landscape. With an array of plants varying from low-lying ones to tall varieties, you can design your own lush garden and save water at the same time. Hundreds of drought-tolerant plant species will make for a stunning oasis, such as:

Lush home landscape with water-tolerant xeriscape plants

Xeriscaping FAQ

Initial installation costs for xeriscaping are more expensive than grass. Since xeriscaping requires a drought-tolerant substrate, gravel, wood chips, or other harder and heavier materials will need to be bought and transported on site.

However, over time costs related to water, mowing, irrigation, and grass maintenance can make xeriscaping significantly more affordable. A big consideration is the total cost of ownership and maintenance over the life of your project.

Like most watering demands, this can be based on many factors. Ambient temperature, plant and tree species, and soil conditions all play a critical role. General guidelines for watering are established at installation and adjusted based on what the plants and trees tell us.

Xeriscaping dramatically reduces water consumption through the use of drought-tolerant trees and plants. These trees and plants still need water. Using targeted irrigation and more efficient means of delivery reduces the need for traditional irrigation.

Many aspects of xeriscaping can be done by yourself. The question that should be asked for any project is do you have the proper basics to complete the job? Most projects are of a scale that requires heavy equipment to move heavy loads of rocks, materials, and shape the landscape. The time necessary to complete a DIY project vs. a large aspect of your yard can be quite dramatic. Many projects require 20+ tons of material to be moved and placed, as well a proper plant knowledge.

Find out how much xeriscaping costs and what’s included.

A Pricing Guideline For Your Xeriscaping Project

Before After

1300 sq. ft. Xeriscape New Backyard Install In Bennet, CO.

This xeriscape landscape included:

Before After

350 sq. ft, Backyard Remodel In Brighton, CO

This xeriscape landscape included:
The project was quoted at $6,500, where the crushed granite walkway alone was $4,000.
Before After

3000 sq. ft. Xeriscape Front Yard In Brighton, CO

This xeriscape landscape included:

The project was quoted at $27,780, where the granite boulders and edging alone were $9,600.

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I use Charles with R Precision because I trust him and the quality of his work is unmatched. I know by personal experience in watching him work that he is meticulous, doesn’t take short cuts and makes sure the end product is flawless.

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Get a lush home garden in spite of Colorado's harsh weather with xeriscaping

Get a lush home garden in spite of Colorado’s harsh weather with xeriscaping.

(takes 1-2 min)