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French Drain Installation

Keep Water Away From Your Home With French Drain Installation in Bennett, Watkins, Aurora, Strasburg, And More Of CO

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Drainage system near home with downspout and gravel

A Dry And Healthy Yard

Installing a French drain is an excellent way to protect your home or landscape from water damage, as well as improve the appearance of your landscape. When properly installed, French drains are extremely effective at collecting and diverting excess water away from your home or other areas.

This helps to prevent flooding and pooling in low-lying areas as well as reduce erosion around foundation walls. Installing them near landscaping elements such patios, decks, and walkways ensures you’ll be able to use your outdoor areas even after a heavy rain.

How Does A French Drain Work?

A French drain typically consists of three parts: a trench, perforated pipes, and a gravel-filled bottom.

The first step in creating a French drain is digging a trench that runs along the desired route—typically aimed downhill—and deep enough for the gravel and pipe to fit comfortably within it. Perforated pipe is laid inside the trench and surrounded with gravel. The gravel serves two main functions: it helps filter out silt from the incoming water, preventing clogging of the pipe, and it provides an even distribution of water. Next, the gravel-covered pipe is covered with soil until it reaches ground level.

The final step in creating a French drain is to ensure any excess water flows away from homes or other structures by redirecting, capturing, or diverting it appropriately before reaching the drain.

Decorative gravel bed with french drain for backyard drainage

French Drain FAQ

The depth of the trench should depend on your particular situation, as you may need to account for things like nearby trees, underground utilities, and other site-specific issues. Generally speaking, most French drains should be installed at about 8 inches to 2 feet deep. We’ll make sure to come up with the best solution for your particular drainage issue. 

Depending on the water situation in your home or yard, you can install a French drain either inside or outside. French drains can be installed anywhere: in a specific soggy spot in your yard, into a crawl space, under a patio, sidewalk, or deck, or inside your garage or basement.

There are multiple types of French drain systems. The size, length, depth, and location of the drain are all factors that affect how much the project will cost. On average, french drains cost from as little as $500 for a 50 linear-foot drain to upwards of $18,000 for an extensive 100 linear-foot perimeter drain.

Because of possible interference with utility work, french drains shouldn’t be installed without professional assistance. We’ll be able to correctly determine where to dig the trenches and the correct measurements for pipes.

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