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Professional Sod Installation Service in Colorado, CO

Have a beautiful green lawn in all seasons with our sod installation services that cover Adams County, Arapahoe County, And More Of Colorado.

Transform Your Yard with Stunning Sod Installation

Picture walking into your backyard to find a perfect green carpet laid out just for you. That’s the magic of sod.

In just a few hours, a patchy, bare yard becomes a seamless field of soft, green grass. Forget waiting for seeds to grow or fighting off weeds. With sod, you get instant beauty and stunning results.

Fresh sod brings so much to the table, including:

Why Choose Sod?

For those looking to get a great-looking lawn fast, sod installation is the way to go. Sod is mature grass that comes with its own root system or mat, offering lots of advantages over the usual seeding approach.

Sod gives you a lush lawn right away, skipping the long wait you’d have with seeding. It’s a quick way to a green, healthy-looking yard.
With sod, your lawn looks even and uniform from the start, avoiding the patchy growth you often get from seeds. It’s a surefire way to a good-looking yard.
Sod’s dense roots protect your soil from erosion, perfect for hills or erosion-prone areas. It locks the soil in place, preventing runoff.
Mature grass in sod means fewer weeds. A well-installed sod lawn stays clean and clear of unwanted plants, saving you hassle and time.

Types of Sod We Install

At Crush Excavation, we have a selection of top-notch sod options ideal for Colorado’s unique weather and soil. Each sod type we lay is chosen for its standout qualities, ensuring your lawn is lush and hardy. We pick sod that suits Colorado’s environment and your lawn’s specific needs.

For a tough and attractive lawn that can handle cold, drought, and busy areas, try our Colorado Blue™ Sod. It’s a special Kentucky bluegrass bred for Colorado and is famous for its vibrant color, texture, and thickness.

Our mix of 90% Tall Fescue and 10% Bluegrass is ideal for creating a resilient lawn with a smooth feel. This blend features the Revolutionary Tall Fescue (RTF®), which is deep-rooting for better water efficiency and drought resistance. 

For a lawn that thrives in the heat, Bermudagrass is the way to go. Our Tahoma 31™ Sod is an excellent Bermudagrass hybrid, offering lush green color, heat and disease resistance, and low upkeep. It grows quickly, forming a dense cover ideal for Colorado’s arid conditions.
In Colorado, Tall Fescue could be your go-to for lawn grass due to its resilience and robustness. We offer a superior Tall Fescue called Titan Rx Sod, designed to resist heat and drought while keeping a rich green hue all year.

These examples highlight just a portion of the sod types we lay. Our experts will evaluate your situation and suggest the ideal sod for your yard, considering sunlight, soil type, and your wants.

Picking Crush Excavation means you’re getting the best sod for Colorado’s conditions, guaranteeing a lush and durable lawn for the future.

Our Sod Installation Process

Crush Excavation specializes in sod installation and landscape design. Our team of skilled professionals has the know-how and meticulous approach needed to craft a stunning yard. Trust us to make your lawn dreams a reality.

We are well-versed in the different types of sod suitable for Colorado’s climate and soil conditions. Our experts will guide you in selecting the perfect sod variety that thrives in your specific location, ensuring long-term success.

We source high-quality sod from trusted local suppliers to ensure the health and vitality of your lawn. Our commitment to using premium materials guarantees a lush, green carpet of grass that will impress both you and your neighbors.

We take pride in our meticulous approach to sod installation. Our team carefully measures and prepares the area, ensuring proper alignment and seamless integration of each sod roll. We pay attention to the smallest details to create a flawless, professional finish.
We understand that your time is valuable. Our team works efficiently to complete the sod installation within the agreed-upon timeframe, allowing you to enjoy your new lawn as soon as possible.

As a full-service landscape design and build company, we offer many services to complement your sod installation. Whether you’re interested in xeriscaping, deck building, patio paver installation, or other landscape enhancements, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Some Of Our Past Work

Sod Installation FAQs

No, you need to prep the soil first to get the best outcome. Preparing the soil makes a strong base for your lawn and helps roots settle in. We’ll check your soil and make any needed improvements to give your sod the best start.
A layer of rich topsoil is best under sod. It gives the roots a fertile place to grow and keeps the lawn healthy. We might also add organic matter or compost to better the soil’s structure and nutrients, setting up a solid base for your sod.
Sod usually sticks to the ground in a few weeks. In that time, its roots spread into the soil below, making a strong link. It’s crucial to water and care for it right in the beginning to help roots grow deep and strong.
To lay sod right, we first even out the area and clear any debris or old plants. Then, we put down the sod in an offset way, making sure the edges meet nicely and roots touch the soil directly. Keeping the sod watered is key, especially at first. We’ll tell you how often and how much to water to help the roots grow without drying out.
Sod should be laid quickly, ideally within 24 to 48 hours after it arrives. This keeps it healthy and boosts its chance to take root well.
Yes, you should water the ground before putting down sod. Wet soil welcomes the sod better and helps roots make immediate contact. We make sure the soil is wet enough before laying the sod for the best start.

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I could not be happier with the work done in my home! The initial estimate arrived quickly after our first meeting and discussion of the several projects I was hoping to have done.

Charles was easy to coordinate open times in our schedules and he was always punctual.

He kept me updated as the work progressed and frequently asked my opinions as options became available. I highly recommend his company!


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Charles does an outstanding job! He solves problems well, has great attention to detail, communicates effectively, and our bathroom was done on time and on budget. I would highly recommend him for your project!


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Incredible customer service, outstanding attention to detail, on time, communicative and above all we are very happy with our new French drain system – perfect. Hire RPrecision – you won’t regret it!

The Sod Installation & Landscaping Services That Colorado Loves

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