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Land Grading

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The Start Of A Gorgeous Property

Owning a piece of land is one of the biggest dreams of families worldwide. But owning land does not immediately equal a dream home.

Between clearing the land, maintaining it, or preparing for new construction, a large amount of dirt must be thrown away, taken out, or brought in on-site.

As handy as most homeowners are, not all home projects are made for two hands a shovel. We’re here to help with the right tools and processes to take your property to the next level.

When Is Land Grading Needed

Land grading – or land levelling – makes your landscape smoother, more even, and more usable. It also helps you to control where water ends up on your property. From new construction to improving existing terrain, there are a number of scenarios where land grading is needed.

One of the most common need we see is sloping the land down and away from the home to avoid water damage to the foundation.

Other areas where land grading is needed can include:

Land Grading FAQ

The best time to do land grading is during the spring and summer months when the weather is milder. This allows for more efficient grading, as dry soil is easier to grade and shape than wet soil.

Additionally, doing land grading during the spring and summer gives you plenty of time afterward for the soil to settle, install drainage systems or sprinkler systems, plant trees, build decks or patios, put up fencing or posts – basically any project that needs done in order to get your property ready for use.

Smaller grading projects such as leveling small land bumps here and there or around a landscaping feature can be addressed without professional help. But if your granding project involves leveling the whole yard for new construction, new landscape, or solving drainage issues, we recommend calling a professional to help you get the job done faster and without effort on your part.

The biggest factor that impacts land grading price in Colorado is the size of your land. Another factor is whether or not there’s extra dirt that needs to be brought in (or taken out), and the amount of it. Generally, land grading costs between $5 and $10 per square foot.

The perfect soil for grading contains a mixture of silt and clay. This combination is dense enough to keep water at bay but permeable enough so that it won’t stick to foundations or footings.

Sandy soils and clay soils should be avoided. For those also wanting a landscape, topsoil can be added after grading has been completed in order to create more nutrient-rich ground for plants.

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A Fast And Transparent Land Grading Process

Stay comfortable and at peace with the land grading done on your property. We take the time to listen to you and ensure you always understand where your project stands.



Communication eases everything and allows us to bring long-term solutions to your problem.



We get started when scheduled, do the work effectively, and stay within budget.



Enjoy a level and properly-graded land where you can safely build any type of structure.


Jess Beren


Crush Excavation has done numerous home improvement projects for me. From a massive landscape overhaul on several acres, a laundry room remodel, shiplap accent wall, installation of wall mounted electronics, fencing, door replacement/remodel, home repairs, yearly maintenance on my tankless hot water system, and much more.

I use Charles with R Precision because I trust him and the quality of his work is unmatched. I know by personal experience in watching him work that he is meticulous, doesn’t take short cuts and makes sure the end product is flawless.

He stands by his work and follows up long after a work order is completed to make sure there are no problems. There is very little Charles isn’t capable of doing with great expertise.

Your Property In Qualified Hands

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Crush Excavation holds the most important excavation qualifications and is licensed in Arapahoe and Adams Counties, CO.

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Here Is What You Get When Working With Us:

My priority is keeping you informed and comfortable with everything happening on your property. Working with Crush Excavation you’ll enjoy transparent and upfront communication.

Land grading is a long-term fix to all sorts of problems, from landscaping to new construction. I take the time to carefully inspect your property in order to implement the best solution. 

Land grading also creates an opportunity for a new landscape. At Crush Excavation we pair perfect land grading with personalized landscape solutions based on your specific area.

A Clean Slate For Your Home With Land Grading

Keep water away from your home and enjoy a healthy yard.

(takes 1-2 min)