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Zeroscape vs Xeriscape: Are They Identical?

A xeriscaping project with a large lawn

Are you trying to find a low-maintenance landscaping solution for your home?  If so, chances are you have heard of the terms zeroscape and xeriscape. It can be difficult to understand the technical jargon associated with landscaping and gardening. Luckily, we’re here to help explain what each term means and how they differ from one […]

3 Main Xeriscaping Elements For Your Project In Denver, CO

A xeriscaping project with a large lawn

You’d think xeriscaping is not as impressive as a full landscaping project with water features, plants, and animals, but it’s nothing like that! Xeriscaping is a particularly different project that has its benefits. In fact, many more homeowners are looking into xeriscaping than there were a few years ago! And it’s easy to see why… […]