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The Best French Drain Installation In Denver, CO

Protect your property with our reliable French drain installation in Denver, CO.

french drain installed by crush excavation

In Denver, CO, French drain installation is vital to shield your property from water damage and uphold its visual charm. With over a decade of expertise, our in-house team at Crush Excavation delivers exceptional service.

Fully insured and licensed, we guarantee a smooth installation in just two weeks. Opting for us means not only top-tier service but also a workmanship warranty. Reach out at (720) 507-4076 for premier French drain installation in Denver, CO.

french drained installed by crush excavation

Certified NOWRA Installer

Licensed Septic Professional

Experience Unmatched Peace of Mind with Us

Choose Crush Excavation for your French drain installation and rest assured. With over a decade of expertise, we guarantee quality and reliability. Our workmanship warranty ensures your property is protected.

Partner with your local Denver contractor that offers top-of-the-line services:

The Benefits of French Drain Installation in Denver, CO

French drain installation in Denver, CO, by Crush Excavation offers a multitude of benefits to your property, improving both its functionality and overall value.

Investing in a French drain system means investing in your property’s longevity. Let Crush Excavation, the premier experts in French drain installation in Denver, CO, handle your project. Reach out at (720) 507-4076 to begin your journey toward a safer and more beautiful property.

Trust Your Neighbor's Recommendations

Explore the experiences of our satisfied customers firsthand. Their testimonials provide valuable insight into the efficiency and quality of our French drain installation services in Denver, CO.


Cindy VanDerhoof


I could not be happier with the work done in my home! The initial estimate arrived quickly after our first meeting and discussion of the several projects I was hoping to have done.

Charles was easy to coordinate open times in our schedules and he was always punctual.

He kept me updated as the work progressed and frequently asked my opinions as options became available. I highly recommend his company!


Caroline Seligmann


My experience with Charles was GREAT!! I didn’t have to wonder if he was going to show up as he always communicated with me before I even had a chance to text or call him. 

He did exceptional work and was very efficient with his time and in turn did not gouge me on the price. His pricing was very reasonable and he did just what he said he was going to do. I would definitely use Charles again for any project I need completed. 

And it doesn’t matter what the project is, Charles is up to the task and is very efficient with his time. Call Charles for your next project, you won’t be disappointed!

Ready to move forward? Contact us at (720) 507-4076. Our team is ready to address your questions and clarify any doubts about our services. Alternatively, feel free to send us a message with your project’s specifics. This allows us to provide you with a customized quote that meets your exact requirements.

French Drain Installation Costs in Denver, Colorado

When calculating the cost of installing a French drain, it’s important to consider the various factors that influence the final price.

These elements are key in figuring out the overall expenses of this vital investment for the health of your property.

Building Material Average Price
Drainage Pipes $5 per linear foot
Gravel/Aggregate $60 per cubic yard
Filter Fabric $20 per roll
Backfill Material $40 per cubic yard
Pipe Material Average Price per Foot
PVC $7
Corrugated Plastic $4
Specialty Materials $9
Extra Features Average Additional Cost
Sump Pump $800
Monitoring System $300
Decorative Covering $150 per linear foot

Factors Influencing The Costs Of French Drain Installations In Denver, CO

Why Choose a Professional for French Drain Installation in Denver, CO

At Crush Excavation, we value being open and clear. We’re here to walk you through every step of our thorough and professional French drain installation process. Here’s the journey you’ll take with us:
Choosing a professional team like Crush Excavation for your French drain installation in Denver, CO, can provide peace of mind, knowing that your project is in expert hands. To get started, reach out to us today at (720) 507-4076.

Discover the Quality of Our Work

Gain insights and confidence from our extensive portfolio of completed French drain installations in Denver, CO. By exploring our past projects, you can witness firsthand the quality, efficiency, and aesthetic value we bring to each unique landscape.

1 year workmanship warranty

Certified and insured

Licensed septic professional

Simplify Your Drainage Solutions with Our Easy 3-Step Process

Opting for us for your French drain installation in Denver, CO, means selecting ease and reassurance. Our clear three-step method guarantees a comprehensive approach, allowing you to relax and appreciate the process.



We collaborate with you to design a custom drainage solution tailored to your property.



Our expert in-house team swiftly and professionally executes the plan, ensuring top-quality results.



Relax and enjoy your beautiful, well-drained property with full confidence in our workmanship.

FAQs About French Drain Installation In Denver, CO

A French drain is an underground drainage system designed to redirect surface and groundwater away from an area. It consists of a trench filled with gravel or rock and includes a perforated pipe that effectively channels water away from your property.

This system serves multiple purposes, such as preventing water accumulation, safeguarding your foundation, mitigating basement flooding, and promoting healthier soil conditions. Installed by professionals like Crush Excavation, it’s a reliable solution for managing Denver’s rainfall and preserving your property’s value.

In Denver’s diverse climate, a French drain is crucial for managing moisture levels in your yard. The city experiences varying levels of rainfall, which can lead to water accumulation and potential damage to your home’s foundation, basement flooding, and soil issues.

By directing water away from your property, a French drain installed by professionals like Crush Excavation ensures your property remains safe, healthy, and well-maintained, regardless of weather conditions.

French drain installation by Crush Excavation at $7,500 for a 100 linear feet drain. We meticulously plan and execute each project from an engineering perspective to ensure seamless operation.

Starting from the back of your land and progressing towards the street, we consider factors like trench depth and roof water volume contribution to the system.

Our processes are designed to withstand significant weather events, including floods and heavy snow melts. We utilize a 4-inch hard pipe, which accommodates a larger water volume and is easy to maintain and clean when necessary.

Trust us to design and implement a robust, efficient drainage system that protects your property and maintains your landscape’s integrity.

Why Crush Excavation Is Your Top Choice

Entrust your French drain installation to the best in Denver, Crush Excavation. Our unparalleled expertise, quality workmanship, and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart from the competition.


Charles Rush

Ready to take the next step? Call us at (720) 507-4076 or click the button below to send us a message. Your journey to a safer and more beautiful property begins here.
(takes 1-2 min)


Sheila Wadsworth


I contacted Charles before the holidays; his schedule was booked and said he would contact me after the first of the year. He kept his word. He’s dependable, prompt, professional, and the job was well done.


Dorie Vickrey


I can’t say enough about the friendly, knowledgable service, the craftmanship, and quality of the work done. I had new floors and baseboard installed in my bathrooms. They look great. Charles replaced the toilets and installed a new door in one bathroom. I’d hire this company again.

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