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Excavating Contractor in Bennett, CO

Looking for professional, efficient, and reliable excavation services? Look no further than Crush Excavation - the top-rated excavating contractor in Bennett, CO.

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Crush Excavation understands the importance of a strong foundation for every construction project. As the leading excavating contractor in Bennett, CO, we offer unparalleled site preparation services to ensure the successful start of your construction endeavors.

Our team combines industry expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and a commitment to safety to deliver exceptional excavation services. With Crush Excavation, your project plans will become a reality, transforming from mere concepts into tangible accomplishments.

Certified NOWRA Installer

Licensed Septic Professional

Achieve Your Construction Goals

Choose Crush Excavation for a seamless execution of your project. As your premier excavating contractor in Bennett, CO, we ensure that your construction goals are realized with precision, timeliness, and strict adherence to safety regulations. Partner with us and build on a foundation of trust and excellence.

By choosing Crush Excavation, you’ll get:

A Showcase of Our Construction Mastery

Discover unparalleled quality through our established track record. Take a moment to delve into our extensive portfolio, showcasing our expertise as the leading excavating contractor in Bennett, CO.

1 year workmanship warranty

Certified and insured

Licensed septic professional


Contact Crush Excavation today and let us exceed your expectations with our exceptional excavation services. (720) 507-4076

Hear How Our Solutions Drive Results

Discover the success stories of our valued clients and how partnering with Crush Excavation, the leading excavating contractor in Bennett, CO propelled their projects to new heights.


Jess Beren


Crush Excavation has done numerous home improvement projects for me. From a massive landscape overhaul on several acres, a laundry room remodel, shiplap accent wall, installation of wall mounted electronics, fencing, door replacement/remodel, home repairs, yearly maintenance on my tankless hot water system, and much more. I use Charles with R Precision because I trust him and the quality of his work is unmatched. I know by personal experience in watching him work that he is meticulous, doesn’t take short cuts and makes sure the end product is flawless. He stands by his work and follows up long after a work order is completed to make sure there are no problems. There is very little Charles isn’t capable of doing with great expertise.


Sheila Wadsworth


I contacted Charles before the holidays; his schedule was booked and said he would contact me after the first of the year. He kept his word. He’s dependable, prompt, professional, and the job was well done.

Excavating Contractor Costs in Bennett, CO

Crush Excavation offers competitive pricing without compromising on value. For driveway excavation, prices typically range from $2 to $8 per square foot, depending on your project’s specific requirements. If you require land grading services, our team can deliver exceptional results at an affordable rate of $5 to $10 per square foot.

These prices reflect our dedication to providing top-notch services at fair rates, ensuring you maximize your investment. Remember, quality excavation work can significantly enhance your property’s value and functionality in the long run.

Service Cost Range
Driveway $2 - $8 per sq.ft.
Excavating for Foundation $100 - $200 per cubic yard
Septic Tank Installation $15,000 - $85,000
French Drain Installation $500 - $18,000
Demolition $7,500 - $15,000
Land Grading $5 - $10 per sq.ft.

Please note: Prices may vary depending on the specific circumstances and requirements of your project. For an accurate estimate, we encourage you to contact us at (720) 507-4076 or send us a message with your project details.

Factors That Can Influence Excavating Contractor Cost in Bennett, CO

More complex projects may require advanced techniques and equipment, resulting in higher costs.

Difficult-to-access worksites may require additional resources, increasing the overall cost.

The type of soil on your property can impact the excavation process. Rocky or clay soil may be more challenging to excavate and therefore more expensive.

The size and depth of the excavation can significantly affect the total cost. Larger or deeper excavations require more labor and resources.

If there are existing structures that need to be preserved or worked around, this can add complexity and cost to the project.

For a precise quote tailored to your specific project needs, please get in touch with us at (720) 507-4076 or send us a message with your project details. As the leading excavating contractor in Bennett, CO, Crush Excavation is committed to providing you with fair and value-driven pricing.

Partner with the Best for Your Excavation Needs

At Crush Excavation, we understand your concerns about time and budget. Therefore, we strive to deliver exceptional results within your budget and timeline, saving you both resources and stress.

Investing in our services offers long-term value that extends well beyond the initial expenditure. Consider the benefits and enhanced functionality our top-tier excavation services in Bennett, CO, bring to your project. Over time, the cost becomes a modest investment compared to the substantial improvements and solutions we deliver.

At Crush Excavation, your time and property are our top priorities. Our team is committed to completing your project within the agreed timeframe, ensuring efficiency without compromising on quality. Trust in our professionalism for an excavation experience in Bennett, CO, that’s both swift and respects the integrity of your space.

The Journey with Crush Excavation

Embark on a seamless journey with us. Here’s a snapshot of our three-step process for superior excavation services in Bennett, CO.



We kick things off by chatting with you to get a clear picture of what you’re looking for. Together, we’ll map out an excavation game plan that’s just right for your project.



Our crew gets down to business, using the latest gear and smarts to make sure everything goes smoothly and quickly. We’re all about getting the job done right.



After we wrap up, you get to enjoy the new look and feel of your space. It’s all about making sure you love the results of our hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions about Excavating Contractors in Bennett, CO

An excavator, a key player in construction and landscaping, tackles a variety of ground preparation tasks, from digging and leveling to shifting earthy materials like soil and stones. This role is crucial for setting up building sites, carving out trenches for utilities, or reshaping vast outdoor spaces. The aim is to modify the terrain to fit the specific needs of a project, ensuring the land is primed and ready for its new purpose.

Excavation is all about getting a site ready for either construction or landscaping work. It involves the careful removal of earth, stones, and other debris to lay down a robust base for erecting buildings, setting foundations, putting in utility systems, or molding the terrain. Through excavation, we guarantee the land is firm, secure, and prepped for upcoming construction or landscaping endeavors.

Excavation and drilling serve different purposes. While excavation is about digging out and removing material to form an open area for construction-related tasks like building bases or roadways, drilling is a precision activity aimed at creating specific, deep holes in the ground. Drilling is often used for inserting utility pipes, creating wells, or conducting earth studies, requiring focused techniques to reach various depths.

Transform Your Property with the Leading Excavating Contractor in Bennett, CO

Are you looking to transform your property with exceptional excavation services? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At Crush Excavation, the premier excavating contractor in Bennett, CO, we are eager to assist you.


Charles Rush

Contact us directly at (720) 507-4076 or fill out our website’s contact form for a prompt response. Let’s embark on this journey together and bring your vision to life.

(takes 1-2 min)


Sheila Wadsworth


I contacted Charles before the holidays; his schedule was booked and said he would contact me after the first of the year. He kept his word. He’s dependable, prompt, professional, and the job was well done.


Dorie Vickrey


I can’t say enough about the friendly, knowledgable service, the craftmanship, and quality of the work done. I had new floors and baseboard installed in my bathrooms. They look great. Charles replaced the toilets and installed a new door in one bathroom. I’d hire this company again.

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