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Septic Tank Installation Services in Strasburg, CO

Discover Exceptional Septic System Solutions with Crush Excavation, Your Expert in Strasburg, CO!

Septic Tank Installation Services in Strasburg, CO

At Crush Excavation, we specialize in the installation of septic systems—essential underground wastewater treatment structures that utilize natural processes combined with advanced technology to effectively manage household sewage and greywater. 

As Strasburg, CO’s leading provider of septic systems, we ensure meticulous installation and maintenance for optimal functioning and longevity of your system.

Our team is equipped with deep expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a strong commitment to safety, making your septic system installation smooth and dependable.

Certified NOWRA Installer

Licensed Septic Professional

A workman installing a backyard septic tank

Build It Right with Crush Excavation

Opt for a septic system that lasts. Committed to your project, Crush Excavation ensures precision, efficiency, and safety.

What Crush Excavation Offers:

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Experience our quality through our extensive portfolio. View our projects to see why we are Strasburg, CO’s top septic service provider.

1 year workmanship warranty

Certified and insured

Licensed septic professional

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Client Success Stories

Hear from our satisfied clients and learn how partnering with Crush Excavation has enhanced their property developments:
Phil Edgerton

Phil Edgerton​


We had the BEST experience with Crush Excavation!! I cannot exaggerate just how thankful my wife & I are that we found Charles and his excavation services. I’ve worked with a lot of trades and contractors, and rarely have I come across someone as reliable, courteous, and professional as Charles. He cares and it really shows, plain and simple.

If you are searching for an honest excavator you can rely on to do the job right look no further, you found him!

Trey Kern

Trey Kern


I hired Charles at Crush Excavation, to install an automatic heated waterer for my horses. It Involved running a waterline, electrical, making concrete slab to mount to. Charles exceeded my expectations throughout the entire install. 

Although he had no familiarity with the automatic waterer I bought, he did all the research to ensure it was installed properly. Professional, reliable, communicative, and will go above and beyond. I will be using Charles at Crush Excavation again.

Septic Tank Installation Costs in Strasburg, CO

Crush Excavation is committed to competitive pricing without compromising on quality.
Type of Septic System Cost
Conventional $2,500 - $10,000
Anaerobic $2,500 - $8,500
Alternative septic system
  • Gravelless
  • Eco-friendly wetland
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Pressurized
$4,000 - $20,000
  • Recirculating sand filter system
  • Aerobic
$10,000 - $30,000

Factors Influencing Installation Costs in Strasburg, CO

For a detailed estimate tailored to your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at (720) 507-4076. As Strasburg’s foremost septic service provider, Crush Excavation is here to offer transparent and cost-effective solutions.

Choose Us for Your Septic System Needs

We value your time and money, striving to deliver superior results that meet your budget and schedule goals.


Our services are an investment in your property’s future, offering significant value beyond the initial cost.


We respect your schedule and commit to completing your project promptly without compromising on quality.

Your Experience with Crush Excavation

Partner with us for a streamlined and effective septic system installation process in Strasburg, CO:



We begin by fully understanding your project needs and planning accordingly.



Our skilled team then executes the plan with the latest technology for a flawless setup.



Once completed, reap the benefits of a new, efficient septic system.

FAQs about Septic Tank Installation in Strasburg, CO

Installing a septic tank involves site preparation, tank placement, and ensuring proper connections to your home’s wastewater system.
A professionally installed septic system guarantees reliability, adherence to local regulations, and minimizes future complications.
Regular maintenance includes inspections, necessary pumping, and avoiding inappropriate waste disposal.
Septic tanks provide efficient, private sewage treatment for properties outside municipal systems, are cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.
Septic Tank Installation Services

Elevate Your Property in Strasburg, CO with Premier Septic Tank Installation Services by Crush Excavation


Charles Rush

Contact us today at (720) 507-4076 to begin enhancing your property with our expert services

At Crush Excavation, we recognize that installing a new septic system is not just about functionality—it’s about investing in the long-term health and efficiency of your property.

(takes 1-2 min)

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